Expert Tim Pest Control Las Vegas if you have found a wasp nest and need it dealt with by a professional then Worthing Wasp nest removal are here to help. We are fully equip to deal with any wasp problem quickly and safely. We provide a rapid response to quickly eliminate the problem with the minimum of fuss.

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At some point you will inevitably find a pest control somewhere around your property especially as their numbers are once again on the increase in Las vegas. Please don’t panic just give us a quick call and we can eradicate any pest problem you may find quickly and efficiently.

The Tim Pest Control Las Vegas team provide a polite, punctual and professional service at all times. We are happy to answer any questions regarding your pest control.We also aim to make the process quick and stress free leaving our customers to enjoy their summer pest free. 

Many people underestimate how a single pest control sting can be life threatening. If you get stung by a Wasp, Bee or Hornet and quickly become unwell you must seek medical help instantly!


Are you looking for a local pest control service to tackle your pest? We are a small locally run pest control service providing effective pest eradication. There is NO vat or hidden costs to be added.

We have been providing Tim Pest Control Las Vegas for over 10 years allowing us to gain a valuable reputation for our swift and effective treatments throughout the summer. Finding a pest can be very distressing and dangerous and will often need a quick response to ensure it’s dealt with effectively. Tim Pest Control Las Vegas will treat the nest no matter where its location. We use equipment allowing us to reach those nests other companies can’t including pest high up on roofs.